The Lost Lands

Adventure Log: 1/28/17

Morgana's report to the Circle of Twilight

Report from the druid Morgana to archdruid Kagarn at Caer Paranor. Translated from Druidic.

The 25th of Promiset, 1427


When I arrived in Sanctuary, I went to a meeting with Flynt to hear the last will of Anzi, the known dealer for necromancers and other criminals. Anzi was represented by his pleader, Rylan.

In addition to myself and my companion. Anzi named the brothers Greyhold, a wizard Merick and a fighter Morgan, also as heirs to the estate. Rylan said the group would receive share of the estate if they stayed in the mansion for 24 hours, beginning at six in the evening on the 22nd. Rylan also said that we must find a medallion in the mansion. We signed Rylan’s contracts and explored Sanctuary.

The group went to a local tavern, the Vulgar Unicorn, for a meal and ale. A strange barkeep called One-Thumb runs the establishment and he seems to know more than he lets on. At this bar, a blind man named Hakiem tells patrons a story for a copper. He told one of the Greyholds about a wizard that roams the streets of Sanctuary, cursed with appearing differently each day after falling in love with another wizard’s wife.

After our dinner, the dwarf and Morgan began feeling ill, so I suggested if we find a healing kit that I could probably cure them. On our way to a local shop, we ran into a giant man coming out of a dark alleyway. After he was out of sight, we found four men with blue hawk masks dead in the alley. The Greyholds looted the bodies, much to Flynt’s protests.

I bought a healer’s kit from the shop and treated my sick ally and the Greyhold. In the shop, a woman with fancy robes was there. The shopkeep did not know her name, but she seemed very out of place.

We rented rooms from One-Thumb. The Greyholds shared a room and the dwarf and I took a second. In the middle of the night, Flynt and I woke to a skirmish outside our door. Flynt opened the door to see a man lying on the floor. Being the dwarf that he is, Flynt went to help and the man got up and three of the man’s friends tried to steal our belongings. The Greyholds came to help Flynt and I fight them off. Flynt reported the incident to the desk and the giant man we saw in the alleyway came to take our statements. He must be in the city watch.

After that, we all went back to sleep. We ate breakfast the next day in the tavern. During our meal, a six-year-old girl approached our table after talking to One-Thumb at the bar. She introduced herself as Enas Yorland knew of our upcoming stay in Anzi’s mansion. Enas spoke as if she were much older than her age. She said the dealer swindled her out of some magic parchments and ink and offered us 100 gold pieces each if we found the items and returned them to her. Coin is coin, so we agreed.

We then went to the Bazaar to get any last-minute supplies. Here we came across the blacksmith Durbin and his wife, the fortune-teller Sraa. She told Flynt that he would be the one to free the dwarves from the yuan-ti. She also told me that I would die penniless, which was very comforting as you can imagine.

We also saw more men in hawk masks enter an apothecary. Curious, we entered the shop to see the men threatening the owner to pay a “protection fee.” The dwarf gave him the last two gold coins he need and the masked men left. After the apothecary explained he needed 20 gold to move his family and start over in another city, the Greyholds bought the man’s building from him.

With the time approaching 6 in the evening, we headed to Anzi’s mansion on the Street of Swords. Two guards protected the door and Rylan showed up soon after we did. He then opened the door for us and locked up inside.

We discovered a few trinkets, such as a diamond and a chipped vase, before being attacked by skeletons in the mansion’s dinning room. Flynt died in the skirmish, but I carried on. The Greyholds and I found Enas’ papers and we found a secret closet in Anzi’s bedroom, where a spectator attacked us. Upon defeating it, we found a platform that lowered into a cellar.

In the cellar, we found the criminal Anzi, still alive. He had our signatures and use them to torture us. When he stabbed or burned the paper, the person whose signature was on the paper felt it.

Together, the Greyholds and I defeated him and I can confirm that Anzi is dead. We took the medallion we needed from Anzi’s neck.

In the cellar, we freed a drow elf — yes, a drow elf — that Anzi had enslaved. Her name is Alexandria and she has promised to continue to fight for us.

Returning upstairs, Alexandria was able to bring the dwarf back from the dead with divine power. I do not know what to make of this, since the circle believes in not interfering with the cycle of life and death.

At 6 the on the 24th, Rylan opened the door. He said did not know Anzi was still alive and I believe he is telling the truth.

We returned to the Vulgar Unicorn where One-Thumb fetched Enas, who this time appeared as a grown black man. Enas said the parchment and ink had already been used, but paid us our coin. This is when I realized that Enas is the cursed wizard from Hakiem’s story.

In the coming days, we are all continuing our training. The Greyholds have opened a shop in the bazaar in the apothecary’s former shop. In exchange for money to upgrade the shop, the brothers sold me their half of Anzi’s mansion. Once we finishing cleaning out the building, I think the circle would be interested in using the estate as a stronghold in Sanctuary. The wall the townspeople built to keep back the undead may not hold out for long.

Until the darkness comes for me,




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