The Lost Lands

Adventure Log: 2/4/17

From the Journal of Flynt Frostbeard

An entry in the dwarven folk hero Flynt Frostbeard’s journal. Translated from dwarven.

The 25th of Palesun, 1427

Last morn, the lass, the wizard and I went to the port in to have a peek at some adventuring supplies. And as we were walking along, we saw some of those men in blue hawk masks trying to rob two sailors carrying a parcel to the Antiquities of Santucary.

As the honorable adventurers we try to be (or at least some of us try to be, I sometimes doubt those shoolgy Greyholds), we stepped in. We knocked out the robbers but one got away.

After we helped the sailors, I noticed how of odd a duo these lads were. One was a roguish minotaur (whatever that is, I’ve never seen one before) named Blur and the other was a human bard from the high seas named Saylornator. Their parcel was huge, so I helped them carry it and take it to the museum. They got their wages and we took our new friends to our usual tavern for a bevvy.

At the Vulgar Unicorn, One-Thumb gave us some ale and the lass paid Hakiem a silver for a tale.

This time, the storyteller told about a elephant-looking man from another planet. He and his people crashed oan to this Earth. They had extraordinary powers, but this man was the last of them. He was enslaved by a warlock named Yara and imprisoned in the Tower of the Elephant in town.

Not knowing the truth of this, I felt bad for the lad. Slavery is something no one should suffer.

The undead attacks oan the Santuary’s wall began happening more often. I can tell these are worrying Morgana. She keeps sending word to her circle. We finished our drinks and decided to take a walk down there and see if we could help.

As we were roaming we heard growling from a dark alley. The minotaur decided to see what it was. He snuck down there (I really don’t know how he sneaks but he did) and came running back feart (maybe he doesn’t sneak but thinks he does).

The minotaur and the bard ran toward the wall. Merick, Morgana and I hid behind the corner. A dark-hooded figure came out of the alleyway and went back into town. We went down the alleyway. That radged man had ripped a man’s heart out!

We set oaf after the guy (it WAS the lawful good thing to do). Morgana tracked a trail of blood back to the Tower of the Elephant. The minotaur scaled the wall (really) and we climbed up after him. We were in a grassy place with a wall oan the other side.

The minotaur went first, trying to sneak (as loud as he could). Then, we fought four lions that came out of the bushes.

A hedge maze stood between us and the tower. We decided to wait until the morn to have light. We went back to the Greyhold’s shop. A dark figure came into the brothers’ place and I chopped the dark figure down. The rest of the night was uneventful.

The bazaar was quarantined because of the plague breakout in Santucary. In the morning, the minotaur began suffering from the sickness. We tried to sneak out to get him to a healer but the Hell Hound Tempest blocked our path.

In a stable, Enas told the minotaur he would heal him if he brought him the Heart of the Elephant, a gem in the Tower of the Elephant. The wizard warned him though, he may not be the same afterwards. The minotaur agreed and became a half-orc.

The bard could not go because he had more packages to deliver so we climbed the fence, minotaur first. The maze was radge. We had to get gems to pass on to the next section, which meant that we had to fight fiends like snappin’ flowers to get the gems.

We finally got to the tower and the minotaur climbed to the top, us followin’. At the top, we found a thief, Taurus. He too was here for the Heart. As we went into the tower, he died as we fought a giant spider and her babes.

We went down a staircase and came to a door. Behind the door was the imprisoned Elephant-man, Yog-kosha. He told us he was dying and his last wish was to have his revenge against his captor, Yara. We had to take Yog-kosha’s heart to Yara’s chamber and tell him it was a gift from Yog-kosha. Merick took the heart.

The minotaur Blur found the gem and we went further down the stairs. At the bottom, we found the captor’s room. We went in and gave Yog-Kosha’s revenge.

Suddenly, the tower began shaking and we left, except for the minotaur Blur who wanted to loot. After the tower collapsed, we found him underneath the rubble. He’d taken a beating and paid his debt to Enas.

We counted our treasure and started trainin’ for our next adventure and I will start studying -with the blacksmith, Dubrin.




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