The Lost Lands

Adventure Log: 3/18/17

From "The Songs of Sanctuary"

Lyrics from a bard’s composition book. No records indicate this song was ever actually performed

One balmy morn
In the Vulgar Unicorn
A pirate lass walked in

And she hired a band of wanders
To find her scoundrel crew out yander
In the waters so dark

Earlier out on the sea
Captain Jarzon took her team(?)
And held them against their will

The adventurers set out
And got into a tout
With the vile pirate’s crew

A turncoat no doubt
Helped the adventurers out
Price knew Jarzon was up to no good

Jarzon called from the sea
A creature it surely be
A giant squid from the depths below

The adventures fought
And the dwarf was caught
The beast and dwarf were slain

But it takes much more than a squeeze
To kill the dwarf with ease
The group took Harken’s crew back to Santucary


love bard songs!

Adventure Log: 3/18/17

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