The Lost Lands


The party encountered a minotaur named Blade Kreel that had heard of their exploits. He desired to join them in their foray into the Temple. After agreeing to let him join, the party set off for the Temple the next day. Not far from Hommlet, the heroes were attacked by a trio of driders sent by Lolth to avenge the death of her favorite, the Master of the Moathouse. During a crucial moment of battle, one of the driders commanded Aldoron to attack his party, the product of his encounter with one of Lolth’s agents previously at the inn. Poor Oni fell first from Aldoron’s attack, and Zook was soon under control of the driders and sent to battle Aldoroan. Blade showed a lethalness that the party had not seen before when he defeated one of the drider attackers.

After a return to town to rest, the party set off again for the Temple and got there without incident. Following the map that they had previously drawn, the party encountered two priests from the Earth Temple and were forced to flee in fear, immediately dropping the objects that they carried. Regaining their composure, the party cautiously back-tracked and found the previous room empty. After a search, the party found an unusual cossack with gem-laden triangles sewn into it.

The party continued to search for the weapons that they had dropped and finally came to the Earth Temple itself. Four large earth elementals stood around the room motionless, and the two previously encountered priest were busy sacrificing the items that they had scooped up from the feared members. They were dressed in cossacks like the one they had found. After a quick discussion, Kaleb donned the cossack that they had found, rushed the now lone priest on the pyramid, and easily over powered him. Kaleb realized that he could command the elementals to do his bidding in the room. He ordered them to raise any other treasure that might have been sacrificed in the dirt-floored room. A considerable sum was found. The other priest was defeated as he returned to the Earth Temple.

The party pressed down into the next level of the temple, and found signs that it was dedicated to the element of water. Overcoming an owlbear and troll with almost no resistance to Blade’s whirlwind of death, the party ran into a mirror of opposition and were forced to fight several versions of themselves. Aldoran managed to break the mirror, and the evil doubles were defeated.

Next the party encountered a strange pool. It appeared that a triton was captured in a pool of water and needed rescued so he could keep a kraken from appearing. Cautious, Kaleb sent his rope of climbing down to tie onto the triton. When the rope was pooled out, acid had burned 8 feet of the rope off. Several party members received urgent messages for them to jump into the water and free the poor triton. Everyone kept their wits, and quickly left the room and hurried into the next.

In this chamber, a huge statue (or juggernaught) sat motionless. Around the room on tall columns, 4 gargoyles sat motionless also. In the center of the room a basin filled with treasure sat and a fountain bubbled gently to the west. When Blade struck the basin, the juggernaught started moving toward him. He ran about the room and the juggernaught rolled after him. Kaleb hit the juggernaught squarely and the strange figure rolled over him, almost killing him instantly. Bricker climbed up on top of the rolling statue as deadly arms on it came to life. Finally the juggernaught was defeated. The fountain was broken and revealed a longsword and a suit of elven chain mail.

The party pressed foward and entered a large octagon shaped room. A pit was in the center of the room, and an alter was beside it. Two braziers hung nearby, smoke billowing from them. Bricker touched the alter and a whirlwind slammed him. Kaleb poured some holy water onto one of the braziers and a Type 1 demon appeared (vrock). Scared and shaken, the party managed to overcome this wicked creature and fled.

They arrived at the personal chambers for some of the air priests in the temple. They overcame them, locked the doors securely, and hid inside the bedchambers.

Elapsed game time: 3 days



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