The Lost Lands

Into the Temple of Elemental Evil

Three weeks passed since the assault on the moat house. During this time the party took time to recover from their wounds (and resurrections) and split the loot that they had acquired up to this point. They also used this time to practice and train their skills.

A mysterious elven stranger appeared at the Inn of the Welcome Wench and seemed very interested in Aldoron. She tried to kill Aldoron when she got him alone, then failing at that, used powerful magic on him for an unknown purpose. Come morning, she had vanished like fog on a warm and clear sunny morning, but she did finally give Aldoron a copy of his precious….magic missle. The party also agreed to arm Zook and Oni and invite them to come along to the temple.

The party set off for the temple, with the bugbears Zook and Oni in tow. After a matter of some debate, the party left Oni in charge of the horses at a safe distance from the temple proper and entered the dreaded building. The initial entry into the foul edifice was uneventful but the scenes of evil depicted on the building’s walls only added to the sense of dread. Several large bronze doors were encountered and the feelings of hopelessness that these magical doors emanated brought the confidence of the party to an all-time low. Finally descending into the lower levels, the party encountered their first resistance from the denizens that resided there.

A large number of undead – ghouls and ghasts – seemed to be placed throughout the first dungeon level of the complex. In the face of stiff resistance, the party seemed on the verge of collapsing when Zook rallied forth, mighty halberd in hand, and defended his new friends. During a heated battle with 4 ghasts, Bricker managed to drink his potion of undead control and command the foul creatures to do his bidding.

Exhausted and spent, the party headed back for Hommlet, a tad bit wiser and richer.

Elapsed game time: 22 days



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