The Lost Lands

The Temple Summary and Maure Castle

The party found the Yellowskull and Kaleb assumed ownership of it. A new halfling thief arrived named Mortimer. The party descended upon the throne from the upper level into the hidden prison of Zuggtmoy with the aid of the Yellowskull. Zuggtmoy was defeated and the temple laid low. Iuz, upset at his inept followers, met the party, took his priest in the temple, and fled to the Abyss to punish him. Zuggtmoy vowed to return.

Thae party, laden with treasure, began the reconstruction of a base of operations at the former moat house. Once the moat house was finished, Kaleb received a mysterious letter and a silver key. The key could open the sealed doors hidden underneath the ruins of Maure Castle. The letter also alluded to his past and future. The party journeyed to the ruins and entered. They met a mysterious trader named Arley after they had participated in a magical gladitorial combat against an iron golem. They were soon joined by another mage named Akil from the Sea of Dust and a wild mage named Sparky.

The party then encountered Eli Tomorast, one of the co-leaders of the Order of the Ebon Flame on the second level of the ruins. Eli had grafted a tentacle and claw in the place of his hands. After overcoming him, the group encountered a strange purple stone set in the center of a room. The stone was a nexus of wild magic and anyone who touched it had random magical effects occur upon them.

After descending to the third level of Maure Castle, the party found a bastard sword hidden amidst some crates. The sword was intricately carved and black flames danced along the length of it. The party then found the Tome of Ebon Flame guarded by the demon, Kerzit. Defeating the evil guardian, Kaleb insisted on destroying the minor artifact to the party’s woe.

As the party left, they once again encountered Arley who once again wanted to make a deal. The party caustiously agreed to sell the sword with the black flames that they had recovered for a magical longseord, shortsword, and sling along with 20,000 gold. Arley thanked the party and as he saddled up, he revealed his true identity – Hayden Dunn, father of Kaleb.

In the following weeks that past, the party has learned of a marauding band of thugs dressed in black terrorizing the countryside. They are led by a man who wields a sword that emits a lightless flame. Kaleb’s uncle was one of his victims.

Elapsed Game Time: 14 months



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