The Lost Lands

Welcome to Hommlet

The characters made their way to Hommlet . While enroute, they were attacked by 4 bandits that they defeated. One bandit had an interesting tattoo. After arriving at the village and securing a room for the night, the characters played an instrumental role in defeating a force of bugbears that had attacked the local moneychanger’s business.

The group learned that the strange tattoo that they had seen earlier was a symbol of the Temple of Elemental Evil from Melubb, the moneychanger. The next day Aldoron Lumiere went to the local heroes tower and tried to secure another copy of magic missle, which he failed to successfully copy into his spellbook.

The village had a council meeting later that evening and the village fathers decided to send a force to protect some outlying farms from further attacks while the player characters were asked to investigate a local moathouse that once served as an outpost for the Temple.

The following day at the moathouse, the party was attacked by 6 giant frog before they entered. Kaleb Dunn was pulled into the pool the frogs lived in and almost sank in the mud. After exploring much of the upper level of the moathouse, the party encountered a group of bandits that offered an organized resistence until Aldoron Lumiere sealed their fate with a well-placed enlarge spell on a ceiling made of collapsed debris. Bricker Longfellow was caught trying to “protect” a valuabe goblet which he surrendered to the party treasure pot. After exploring the top level of the moathouse and finding a staircase leading down to a lower level, the party returned to Hommlet where they split the treasure that they had obtained so far. Haek received a magic shield +1 that was obtained from the stomach of a gigantic lizard.

Game time elapsed: 3 days



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