Akil Okpara (Retired)

Priest of Thoth/Artificer


Str: 8
Int: 19
Wis: 19
Dex: 9
Con: 17
Chr: 15

Stuff: Quarterstaff, Bracers AC 6, Ring of Prot. +2, Rod of Absorption, Wand of Paralyzation, Helm of Brilliance

I was born into the church of Thoth. My father was a priest and my mother a practitioner of the magical arts. They lent healing and sage advice to the people of Woralia. They spread the teachings of Thoth as well as worked to make the community better. I fell in love at the age of 15 with a follower’s daughter. She had lovely hazel eyes and deep black hair. Her name was Kakra and she had a sister that was her identical twin. Masika, Kakra’s twin sister and the spitting image of her, was a trickster and busy body. She was very jealous of our union and would be the beginning of my downfall in the Woralia community. When our families came together to sign the marriage contract between Kakra and I Masika, a practitioner of magic, charmed them and had them sign her name to the contract. She put Kakra into a magical sleep and came to my bed late at night. The next morning I was awoken to Kakra screaming as she had awoken from her magical slumber to find her sister in what was to be our marriage bed. She ran out of my home heartbroken and furious. I told Masika to leave my home and to never return. She laughed and told me that she knew she was with child and that she would ruin my family’s name if I did not except her as my wife. I could not live with what had happened so I left in hopes that the shame would be all mine and not that of my family. I would later hear of the death of my parents at the hands of Etrusean soldiers for aiding a man who had murdered their lord’s son. I now walk the path that Thoth lays before me spreading knowledge of magic and wisdom with the skills I learned from my parents. I hope to one day see Kakra again so as to explain, but it is as Thoth wills.

From the Journal of Akil Okpara, Priest and Artificer of Thoth.

Akil Okpara (Retired)

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