Bricker Longfellow (Retired)

Halfling Cleric/Thief


Level 1/1
Uses Short Sword and Dagger
Gray leather armor hat with a feather


“A sunny day full of carpentry and a stout ale in the evenings is all a Halfling ever needs my boy.” is what Pappy Longfellow always said. I never subscribed to my father’s philosophy on life but I never told him that. I was his apprentice until the age of 19 when a gnomish pressure canner explosion took him and my Mammy Longfellow away from me. After cleaning pieces of beet and Halfling from all over the kitchen, I took over the family business after his passing and became the carpenter of the little hamlet a few miles south of Draklafel. It would have been a rewarding life for any typical Halfling, but I was always dreaming of the road. I was almost ready to except my fate of driving nails for a living until one night, while dreaming, Brandobaris came to me. He told me that he did not breathe life into me to be a carpenter. I was to be an adventurer. I was to see and experience all that I could in the short life we Halflings enjoy. "The road shall be your church and the jingle of coin will be my gospel and when your days are done you will sit at my side and oh the tales you will have to tell.” Upon my awakening from this most vivid dream I found my pack ready for travel at my bedside along with a beautiful walking staff to help me along the way. So I loaded my pipe, donned my back pack, and struck out on the road without a word to anyone. I have been traipsing every since making my way from town to town and pocket to pocket praising the Halfling god every night before sleep.

From the Journal of Bricker Longfellow an Adventurer and Cleric of Brandobaris

Bricker Longfellow (Retired)

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