Enas Yorl


Years ago, Enas Yorl was the most handsome sorcerer in Sanctuary. He fell madly in love with a beautiful woman. Enas was so happy. Eventually he found out that the woman was married to another sorcerer. Their illicit affair continued unabated until her husband uncovered the truth. Furious, the sorcerer challenged Enas to a duel. Magic bolts filled the streets of Sanctuary, destroying buildings in their wake. Realizing that he was unable to defeat Enas, the sorcerer cursed him. Enas would no longer be the handsome man that he was unaccustomed to being. Each day he would assume a new appearance, never appearing the same twice.

The woman, realizing she had lost her handsome lover forever, ended their relationship and moved north to Etrusea with her husband in tow.


Enas Yorl

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