Haek Swiftsword (Retired)

Paladin of Horus


Paladin/ Myrmidon Kit (per Horus cleric rules)
AC 0 (-1 if evil attacker)
HP 45
Alignment: Chaotic, Good (per Horus sect rules)

Weapon Specialization: Scimitar (Myrmidon kit)

Weapon Prof: Broad Group Blades, Ambidexterity, Sword and Shield Weapon Style
Non-Weapon Prof: Healing, Swimming
Languages: Common, Orc, Elven, Yuan-ti

Magic Items/Gear: Shield +1, Cloak of Elvenkind, Scroll-Protection from Undead, Plate Mail, Splint Mail (storage), Horse and tack, pack mule, backpack, clothing (gloves and boots), scabbard, shortbow, quiver w/ 36 arrouws, 50’ rope, grappling hook, 10 torches, small metal mirror, block and tackle, flint and steel, fishing net (10′×10′), 1 week of rations, Scimitar of Speed, Ring of Sustenance

Powers/Benefits: detect evil 60’, +2 on saving throws, immune to disease, lay hands 2 hp/lvl 1 time/day, cure disease 1 time/week, aura of protection 10’, crit vs. undead on 18-20
Money: 8pp, 4904gp, 3 sp, 233cp

Spells typically carried: bless, light, invisible to undead, protection from evil


Haek is a paladin in exile. His village sat on the edge of the Sea of Dust and was over-ran by undead with the coming of the Plague. Haek and his sister were the only ones that managed to escape. The children were rescued by an Etrusean legionairre and brought behind the Great Wall to safety. Haek was sent to the legions to train as a soldier and his sisiter’s fate is unknown to him.

Haek became unsatisfied with military life and struck out on his own. He has ventured to the North with tales of wealth and magic in his heart, but secretly yearns for the day when he can return to his homeland far to the south and avenge the loss of his family and friends from the undead hordes of the Plague.

Haek Swiftsword (Retired)

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