Kaleb Dunn (Retired)

Human fighter


AC -3
HP 46
STR= 18 / 00
DEX= 16
CON= 15
INT= 17
WIS= 11
CHA= 10

Magic Items:
plate mail 1
shield +1
Sword of Sounding (longsword +2, sp. ability)
Flametongue (longsword with multiple bonuses)
Longsword +1/
2 against magical or enchanted creatures
Rope of Climbing


I was raised in the small village of Ravenna between the Great Northern Wall and the Cragspire Mountains. My father, Hadyn Dunn, was a mercenary soldier who traveled extensively with his work and was rarely home. My mother, Alyse, died during childbirth. I never knew her loving touch or care. I was fortunate to be raised by my uncle Moran, an armorer and weaponsmith of regional renown. My uncle made sure Kaleb grew up healthy and with the best education available locally. I also grew up strong due to my apprentice work in the smithy. “Hard work never hurt anyone.” Uncle Moran would say with a smile. In his defense the hard work was always balanced by hunting in the Cragspire Mountains and fishing in the many streams found close by.
As infrequent as my fathers visits had previously been they stopped altogether after the Plague struck the Southlands. I worry about my fathers absence and much to Uncle Moran’s dismay began adventuring in hopes of locating him. My initial inclination has been to follow the Warrior Path like my father but always in my dreams at night are the siren call of the Arts Mystic. I hope to return some day to the town of Ravenna but only the Fates know what the future holds.
I have found an odd ragtag group of adventurers to campaign with… a paladin from a faraway land, a magic missileless elven battlemage and a sticky fingered halfling priest. May evil tremble at our approach. Or at least give a slight shiver.

Kaleb Dunn (Retired)

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