Class-Human Barbarian Level-2 Speed-30 Size-M (6’3" 220 lbs.) Age-24
Alignment-Neutral, Good
Str-14, Dex-16, Con-16, Int-13, Wis-13, Cha-13

Skills/Proficiencies- Light and Medium Armor, Shields, Simple and Martial Weapons, Wanderer (Excellent with remembering maps and terrain, can find food and water for myself and 5 people), Rage -2 times a day for 1 minute (advantage on str checks and str saving throws, +2 on damage rolls, resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage), Reckless Attack (advantage on attacks rolls, opponents gets same), Danger Sense (advantage on dexterity saves vs. spells and traps that can be seen)

Gear-Longsword, handaxe, Explorers pack, Javelins (4), Staff, Hunting Trap, Bear Claw Necklace, Traveler’s Clothes, Belt Pouch, Shield

Languages, Bugbear, Common


I am a coward in my people’s eyes. I was a member of the Running Elk tribe. One day on a hunting expedition, I came across an injured firbolg. I saw the pain in his eyes from the terrible wound the saber-tooth had inflicted on him. The other hunters stumbled upon us, and urged me to slay one of our hated enemies. There was no honor in this. I refused. The hunters turned on me, attacking and beating me furiously. The firbolg was gone when they finished with me, disappeared into nothingness. Brought before Chieftess Doiona, she had no choice but to either banish me or have me staked for the tribe to beat until death found me. She refused to kill me. She was carrying my child. Banished from my people, I aimlessly wandered. The firbolg I had spared, Wun Wun, revealed himself to me again in the forests of the North. Devastated with loosing my people, the woman I loved, and my child, Wun Wun took me under his wing, offering me advice and friendship. He became the father that I had lost years before in the Great War of the North Wall.

Forced on a pilgrimage by his god, Njord, I have joined Wun Wun in his travels, but one day, I long to return to my love and my child.


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