Wun Wun



Race-Firbolg Size M (8 feet, 300lbs.) Age 92 years
Class-Cleric (Tempus Domain)
Hit Points-15
Initiative +1
Speed 30
Alignment – Neutral, Good
Experience – 587 xp
Str -18, Dex-12, Con-13, Int-8, Wis-19, Cha-11

Scale Mail
Light Crossbow
20 Bolts
Explorers Backpack
Holy Symbol
Prayer Book
Stick of Incense (5)
Traveler’s Clothes
Belt Pouch

Abilities/Profiencies – Firbolg Magic (Detect Magic, Disguise Self), Hidden Step, Powerful Build, Speech of Beast and Leaf, Wrath of the Storm, Channel Divinity, Light, Medium, and Heavy Armor, Simple and Martial Weapons, Shields


I was born during a raging thunder storm on the eastern coast of the Northlands. My tribe gave me the name Wun Wun which means “Sky Spark” in my native tongue. I have lived in isolation most of my life, ranging from the tall mountain peaks to the cliffs on the shore of the great eastern sea. I had no use for the smaller peoples. The humans would sometimes attack us and sometimes befriend us, depending upon the way the storm clouds blew. No matter. I was free to worship the Storm Father, Njord, and rejoice in his power each heavy storm.

During one such storm, as I sat on the cliffs of Brandir’s Dive, the Storm Father appeared to me. He commanded me to go south, far from my home so that I may strike against the darkness growing their. It is the duty of the storm to destroy that which will not bend. Southward I went, ignorant of the way of the small folk. I traveled on the edge of the small folk lands, even appearing as one as needed. To the edge of the Sea of Dust I have came, carrying the thunder inside me to do my Father’s will. It is the duty of the storm to break that which will not bend.

Wun Wun

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