The Lost Lands

The Sunken Forest

After resting up from their foray into Maure Castle, the party were alerted to an outbreak of the Red Plague in Hommlet. Rushing to the city to aid the victims, they were met by armed militia members who refused their admittance. They immediately spotted a flying airship sailing over Hommlett and armed men being deployed to the ground. These men were all dressed in the usual garb of the members of the Order of the Ebon Flame, Hayden Dunn’s outfit of malicious marauders.

One group of soldiers stormed into the tower owned by Rufus and Burne, while two other groups deployed out in the streets with longbows at the ready. Concerned, the party and the militia men ran for town to stop the assault of the tower. A battle ensued, with the airship providing covering fire from cannons. The soldiers who stormed the tower came out, package in hand. The soldier with the package climbed back aboard ship while the rest covered the escape. The flying ship set off and disappeared out of sight.

The party then learned from Rufus and Burne – who had been in other parts of the village attending the sick – that the Ebon Flame had stole some of materials Burne had been using to make a cure for the Red Plague. One item in particular was very hard to get, a piece of the heart of the Jungle Man. Rufus and Burne explained that they had encountered the Jungle Man several years ago on a previous adventure deep within the Sunken Forest. They also told tales of the horrid conditions and terrible monsters that prowled those unholy lands, and in particular “Molly” -the two headed maulosaurus who had killed one of their party members.

With time pressing, the party readied themselves and used Bricker’s druid ring to teleport to the outskits of the jungle. After a dangerous descent into the first level of the Sunken Forest, they encountered two stone golems that guarded the path down the cliffside they had traversed. Akil talked to several of the native birds on the way. The party discovered a clump of leatherwood trees, and they harvested some of the bark from the trees. They also encountered Molly for the first time, and saw her destruction first hand. When crossing the river, the party was attacked by pteradons. The group then decided to scout out the area using Haek’s rug of welcome. They encountered a second waterfall and went down to the next level of the jungle foliage and found a large island in the center of the river covered in ruins. Landing atop a large stepped pyramid, the party proceeded to explore the upper chambers of the structure and were met with a ghost of a long dead yuan-ti warrior. Haek and Aldoron were both aged ten years in the ensuing battle. Aldoran was overcame was fear and fled the pyramid only to be captured by a party of yuan-ti. Using Haek’s carpet, the party captured and defeated the yuan-ti with a well-placed web spell from Akil. Aldoran was freed and the party camped for the night in the shadow of the ruins.

Elapsed game time: 2 days

The Temple Summary and Maure Castle

The party found the Yellowskull and Kaleb assumed ownership of it. A new halfling thief arrived named Mortimer. The party descended upon the throne from the upper level into the hidden prison of Zuggtmoy with the aid of the Yellowskull. Zuggtmoy was defeated and the temple laid low. Iuz, upset at his inept followers, met the party, took his priest in the temple, and fled to the Abyss to punish him. Zuggtmoy vowed to return.

Thae party, laden with treasure, began the reconstruction of a base of operations at the former moat house. Once the moat house was finished, Kaleb received a mysterious letter and a silver key. The key could open the sealed doors hidden underneath the ruins of Maure Castle. The letter also alluded to his past and future. The party journeyed to the ruins and entered. They met a mysterious trader named Arley after they had participated in a magical gladitorial combat against an iron golem. They were soon joined by another mage named Akil from the Sea of Dust and a wild mage named Sparky.

The party then encountered Eli Tomorast, one of the co-leaders of the Order of the Ebon Flame on the second level of the ruins. Eli had grafted a tentacle and claw in the place of his hands. After overcoming him, the group encountered a strange purple stone set in the center of a room. The stone was a nexus of wild magic and anyone who touched it had random magical effects occur upon them.

After descending to the third level of Maure Castle, the party found a bastard sword hidden amidst some crates. The sword was intricately carved and black flames danced along the length of it. The party then found the Tome of Ebon Flame guarded by the demon, Kerzit. Defeating the evil guardian, Kaleb insisted on destroying the minor artifact to the party’s woe.

As the party left, they once again encountered Arley who once again wanted to make a deal. The party caustiously agreed to sell the sword with the black flames that they had recovered for a magical longseord, shortsword, and sling along with 20,000 gold. Arley thanked the party and as he saddled up, he revealed his true identity – Hayden Dunn, father of Kaleb.

In the following weeks that past, the party has learned of a marauding band of thugs dressed in black terrorizing the countryside. They are led by a man who wields a sword that emits a lightless flame. Kaleb’s uncle was one of his victims.

Elapsed Game Time: 14 months

Friend or Foe??

After resting in the temple, the party decided to head back to Hommlet to train their skills. Aldoron also lacked the skills to once again to make a mighty composite longbow – his third attempt now. Spending four weeks in Hommlet, the group then decided to head back into the Temple.

The party found the great bronze doors into the main temple broken asunder when they returned, possibly from a competing adventuring company. The group returned to the 2nd level of the temple and immediately went to the large octagonal room where the demon had been summoned. They were looking for the second brazier that they had left behind (the first one was worth 10,000 gp). It was gone when they re-entered the room, and they also found a group of defeated bugbears.

They returned to their exploration of the temple and entered a long corridor painted with different types of scenes, representing each of the four elements. Bricker set off down the corridor and immediately began to drown from some unseen magic. He returned and donned one of the green robes that had been looted from one of the priests in the Water Temple. This time, he was unharmed until he entered the section of the corridor that was decorated with fire scenes. He changed into a red robe, and along with Kaleb in a robe also, went down the corridor into the Fire Temple.

This huge room had several large pots, each full of a mysterious liquid (oil). A large alter and fire pit was in the room and fire glowed from the pit. The party made their way to the alter, and a pair of bugbears snuck out from behind a tapestry and fired at them. The bugbears immediately ducked behind the tapestries. The party charged the spot where the bugbears were. A human warrior stepped out from behind the tapestry with a fiery sword in one hand and a torch in the other. He threw the torch at the nearest pot and a chain reaction swept through the room in a series of explosions which engulfed the party. He ducked behind the tapestry out of sight. When the party closed on the tapestry, the warrior stepped out again and a rope of entangling flew from his belt and trapped Kaleb, Bricker, and Haek. Kaleb managed to get a burst of sound from his sword of sounding, but otherwise the three were helpless until they cut their way free. Blows were finally exchanged and the warrior and both bugbears were overcame.

Next the party searched an adjoining chamber and overcame two Fire Temple priests. During the last battle with the 2nd priest, Aldoron accidentally(??) shot Bricker in the back, not once – but twice. Bricker swore to watch the elf from this point on. While the party rested the night, they heard the sounds of another group of adventurers nearby.

Rested, the party set off to look for the competing band. They found evidence of the band being in the Fire Temple and followed them down to the 3rd level below the temple. The encountered a lamia that used powerful mind magic on Bricker and Kaleb. Kaleb immediately attacked Bricker and pummeled him into unconsciousness. Haek used his wand of paralyzation on Kaleb and managed to hold him still. The lamia closed on Aldoron and drained his wisdom twice before being overcame. The group regained it’s senses after the creature was defeated but Aldoron did not seem any wiser.

Next the party entered a room full of statues. While they were searching the statues, the lights in the room revealed their true identity. They were will o’ wisps. Urgently, the party fought the creatures and finally managed to lure the creatures next to a trapped statue and triggered the trap. Hurt, the creatures were much easier to defeat. Wearied and loaded with treasure, the party left again for Hommlet.

Game time elapsed: 29 days


The party encountered a minotaur named Blade Kreel that had heard of their exploits. He desired to join them in their foray into the Temple. After agreeing to let him join, the party set off for the Temple the next day. Not far from Hommlet, the heroes were attacked by a trio of driders sent by Lolth to avenge the death of her favorite, the Master of the Moathouse. During a crucial moment of battle, one of the driders commanded Aldoron to attack his party, the product of his encounter with one of Lolth’s agents previously at the inn. Poor Oni fell first from Aldoron’s attack, and Zook was soon under control of the driders and sent to battle Aldoroan. Blade showed a lethalness that the party had not seen before when he defeated one of the drider attackers.

After a return to town to rest, the party set off again for the Temple and got there without incident. Following the map that they had previously drawn, the party encountered two priests from the Earth Temple and were forced to flee in fear, immediately dropping the objects that they carried. Regaining their composure, the party cautiously back-tracked and found the previous room empty. After a search, the party found an unusual cossack with gem-laden triangles sewn into it.

The party continued to search for the weapons that they had dropped and finally came to the Earth Temple itself. Four large earth elementals stood around the room motionless, and the two previously encountered priest were busy sacrificing the items that they had scooped up from the feared members. They were dressed in cossacks like the one they had found. After a quick discussion, Kaleb donned the cossack that they had found, rushed the now lone priest on the pyramid, and easily over powered him. Kaleb realized that he could command the elementals to do his bidding in the room. He ordered them to raise any other treasure that might have been sacrificed in the dirt-floored room. A considerable sum was found. The other priest was defeated as he returned to the Earth Temple.

The party pressed down into the next level of the temple, and found signs that it was dedicated to the element of water. Overcoming an owlbear and troll with almost no resistance to Blade’s whirlwind of death, the party ran into a mirror of opposition and were forced to fight several versions of themselves. Aldoran managed to break the mirror, and the evil doubles were defeated.

Next the party encountered a strange pool. It appeared that a triton was captured in a pool of water and needed rescued so he could keep a kraken from appearing. Cautious, Kaleb sent his rope of climbing down to tie onto the triton. When the rope was pooled out, acid had burned 8 feet of the rope off. Several party members received urgent messages for them to jump into the water and free the poor triton. Everyone kept their wits, and quickly left the room and hurried into the next.

In this chamber, a huge statue (or juggernaught) sat motionless. Around the room on tall columns, 4 gargoyles sat motionless also. In the center of the room a basin filled with treasure sat and a fountain bubbled gently to the west. When Blade struck the basin, the juggernaught started moving toward him. He ran about the room and the juggernaught rolled after him. Kaleb hit the juggernaught squarely and the strange figure rolled over him, almost killing him instantly. Bricker climbed up on top of the rolling statue as deadly arms on it came to life. Finally the juggernaught was defeated. The fountain was broken and revealed a longsword and a suit of elven chain mail.

The party pressed foward and entered a large octagon shaped room. A pit was in the center of the room, and an alter was beside it. Two braziers hung nearby, smoke billowing from them. Bricker touched the alter and a whirlwind slammed him. Kaleb poured some holy water onto one of the braziers and a Type 1 demon appeared (vrock). Scared and shaken, the party managed to overcome this wicked creature and fled.

They arrived at the personal chambers for some of the air priests in the temple. They overcame them, locked the doors securely, and hid inside the bedchambers.

Elapsed game time: 3 days

A Side Excursion

The party was in Hommlet recovering from their latest foray into the Temple. Aldoron was out looking for materials for his masterwork bow, and Kaleb was at the local store selling goods the party had recovered and buying the newest, most fashionable gear for Zook and Oni. Bricker and Haek where lazily lounging about the Inn of the Welcome Wench when a young man entered the tavern. After a brief exchange with Ostetler the bartender and a nod in the direction of the heroes, the boy approached the pair and asked if he could sit at their table.

The boy explained that he was looking for someone to hire to look for his missing father. His father, being an adventurer of some repute, had set off several days earlier to investigate the strange disappearance of several farmers outside of Hommlet. The man set off on his horse and had not been heard from since, The youngster offered to pay a reward of 500 gold if Haek and Bricker could find his father or at least determine what happened to him. After a brief discussion, the pair accepted the task presented before them.

The duo set off to the southwest of Hommlet to the cottage where the boy and his family lived. After searching around the area, the adventurer’s tracks were discovered and the pair commenced to looking for the lost man.

Near the end of the first day, Bricker and Haek heard strange sounds coming from a ravine as they were setting up camp. Bricker moved down into the ravine to investigate and stumbled upon the rotting figure of a once-alive ogre feasting upon the dead carcass of a horse. The undead ogre was covered in fresh and dried blood, the fresh apparently came from the horse carcass and the old blood seemed to be the visible symptoms of The Plague. Bricker yelled and got the undead ogre’s attention, raced up the hill, and tried to hide as Haek readied his scimitar and shield.

The ogre lumbered up the hill straight to Bricker, whose foot was clearly visible in the undergrowth. The beast slammed the poor Halfling with a blood-covered fist, and Bricker was coated in the foul substance. Immediately, Bricker began to feel ill as the tainted blood mixed freely with his own. Haek rushed out as his scimitar of speed flashed angrily at the beast. In a few moments, the battle was over and Haek called upon the blessing of Horus to cure the Plague that was setting about to destroy Bricker’s body. A ring of sustenance was found inside one of the pockets of the undead ogre.

After the camp was set up, the two settled in for the night, Bricker on the first watch. As he sat around the campfire, the horses began to get uneasy and Bricker went to investigate. A huge cougar leaped at him, and caught him surprised. The beast fell upon him, claws and mouth mauling him terribly. He yelled for help, and Haek rushed to his aid. Bricker fell to the ground, unconscious from the cougar’s attack. The beast was finally defeated and Bricker regained his consciousness after Haek laid his hands upon him. The rest of the night was uneventful and the pair decided to stay another day at their present location so they could heal from the previous day’s battles.

On the morning of the third day, Bricker and Haek set off down the ravine and followed the old trail that the ogre had made while dragging the corpse. The trail followed a stream and eventually it came to a huge willow tree. The pair heard the sounds of young cats playing and moved to investigate. Bricker spooked two young mountain lion cubs (though they were exceptionally large for their age) and the kittens ran inside the hanging tree branches. Their mother came outside the branches, spotted the two, and charged them. After a pitched battle, Haek and Bricker defeated the mother and moved inside the tree. Once inside, they found the remains of several animals, saddles, and other belongings. The two kittens were huddled high in the tree. A marked cloak was taken back to the boy, and he identified it as his father’s, much to his sorrow. Apparently the mountain lions had been the reason for the disappearances in the community.

Game Time: 3 days

A Spectre of the Past

The party set off from Hommlet and headed back to re-enter the Temple. Almost immediately, a feeling of uneasiness settled on the group. About an hour outside of town, the party was stopped by a squad of Etrusean soldiers. They demanded the immediate surrender of Haek for alleged crimes that he committed against Etrusea as a soldier. The soldiers revealed that they had been searching for Haek for several months. After a brief parley, a skirmish began. The Etrusean soldiers deployed in typical military fashion, a stout shield-wall with long spearman forming a second rank and archers well behind. Moving in a straight line, the solders advanced with grim determination. Kaleb, Haek, Bricker, and the bugbears Zook and Oni moved forward while Aldoron unslung his bow and began a deadly rain of death.
The Etrusean archers archers answered in kind, their sheaf arrows finding Aldoron with deadly accuracy. Aldoroan slumped over, dead.

The rest of the party rallied forth, Kaleb and Haek anchoring the line against the Etrusean onslaught. Bricker’s daggers began to find their mark, and Zook and Oni’s halbards began to cleave holes in the once-solid Etrusean shield-wall. The Etrusean line began to falter and the Etrusean archers turned tail and began to flee, knowing that sure death waited for them. One soldier was captured alive, quickly questioned, and released to find his way back to his fellow soldiers, unarmed and morale shattered.

The party escorted Aldoron’s body back to Hommlet where the local clergy performed another expensive miracle and resurrected Aldoron. After allowing several weeks for Aldoron’s recovery, the party set off for the Temple again. It was agreed that the bugbears would stay outside the temple and watch the party’s supplies and pack animals.

Upon reaching the Temple, the party discovered the damage that they had done earlier to get into the temple repaired. The descended once again into the first level under the evil church and picked up exploring it’s dark secrets where they had left off before.

Finding a locked door in their way, the party began to loudly force their entry into the room that lay beyond. After breaking the door in their path open, the party discovered an empty room before them. Looking at the damaged door behind them, a peephole was discovered. Another door led from the empty room. The party proceeded. After forcing their way into the next room, the party saw a group of 8 gnolls armed and ready for battle with long spears. One gnoll stood by two torches, the others around the room next to a large shelf which ran the length of the room.

Kaleb and Haek ran into the room. The gnoll by the two torches reached up and pulled a rope which dropped a weighted net over the two warriors. The other gnolls reached for vials of oil on the shelf and hurled them at the entrapped victims. Oil splashed over Kaleb and Haek. Bricker and Aldoron moved to aid the netted fighters. The gnoll by the torches threw one into the oil, and flames erupted over Haek and Kaleb, burning them. The two struggled with their swords and began to cut their way out. Bricker and Aldoron fired into the room. The gnolls swung mercilessly at Kaleb and Haek trying to kill them outright. Haek and Kaleb finally cut their way free and Bricker rushed into the room, dagger and shortsword promising quick death for the gnolls. Gnoll after gnoll fell, and the one by the torch made a run for the door which led from this grisly room. It escaped to the room beyond.

The party charged head-long after the runaway gnoll. The next room beyond revealed a secret door that the gnoll had apparently ran through. The party immediately followed the runner into yet another room. This one was occupied by the runner and two of it’s friends: ogres. Haek and Kaleb entered the room, Bricker on their heels and Aldoron’s bow covered their entry. Bricker was greeted with a heavy swing and connection, almost knocking him unconscious. The three foul-creatures were finally overcome. While searching the chambers, Bricker discovered a magical Longtooth dagger. The party decided to carry out their treasure to their base camp where Zook and Oni were and rest there.

After an uneventful night, the party re-entered the Temple, and found the leader of the previous two ogres. After dispatching him, the party entered into an L-shaped room with some gnoll occupants. The gnolls were easily defeated and the party became interested in a large fireplace in the room. Aldoron looked up into the fireplace with his infravison and saw some item of note about 20 feet up inside the chimney of the fireplace. Bricker entered quickly and scaled the walls of the chimney and found a large diamond resting on a small outcrop. He grabbed it, and a large grate slid across the chimney cutting off his descent. A large rumbling could be heard overhead. Dust and soot began to fall down on Bricker as he lowered himself down on the grate and tried to bend the bars. Unsuccessful, he called for help from below. Aldoron spied a large stone buttress scraping down the chimney, headed directly for the trapped halfling. Taking out his rope, Bricker tied his grappling hook to it, hooked it solidly on the grate and lowered the rope. The rest of the party grabbed the rope and pulled with all their might, bending the bars of the grate and allowing Bricker to tumble down to the fireplace and safely into the room.

Wanting to lead the way, Aldoron decided that he would break through the next locked door the party encountered. Using his brute force, he forced himself into the next room…straight into a deadly quadruple crossbow. A smiling gnoll pulled the trigger and a flurry of crossbow bolts flew into Aldoron and Kaleb, who was directly behind him. The gnoll was not alone however. Human soldiers were also in the room and they deployed to defend themselves. Hearing the ruckus of battle, the leader of the humans stormed into the room. He threw a javelin of lightning, which went wide of it’s mark, and then closed with a scimitar of speed in hand. After a fierce fight, all of the denizens of the temple were overcome and the party left for the surface yet again.

Elapsed game time: 29 days

Into the Temple of Elemental Evil

Three weeks passed since the assault on the moat house. During this time the party took time to recover from their wounds (and resurrections) and split the loot that they had acquired up to this point. They also used this time to practice and train their skills.

A mysterious elven stranger appeared at the Inn of the Welcome Wench and seemed very interested in Aldoron. She tried to kill Aldoron when she got him alone, then failing at that, used powerful magic on him for an unknown purpose. Come morning, she had vanished like fog on a warm and clear sunny morning, but she did finally give Aldoron a copy of his precious….magic missle. The party also agreed to arm Zook and Oni and invite them to come along to the temple.

The party set off for the temple, with the bugbears Zook and Oni in tow. After a matter of some debate, the party left Oni in charge of the horses at a safe distance from the temple proper and entered the dreaded building. The initial entry into the foul edifice was uneventful but the scenes of evil depicted on the building’s walls only added to the sense of dread. Several large bronze doors were encountered and the feelings of hopelessness that these magical doors emanated brought the confidence of the party to an all-time low. Finally descending into the lower levels, the party encountered their first resistance from the denizens that resided there.

A large number of undead – ghouls and ghasts – seemed to be placed throughout the first dungeon level of the complex. In the face of stiff resistance, the party seemed on the verge of collapsing when Zook rallied forth, mighty halberd in hand, and defended his new friends. During a heated battle with 4 ghasts, Bricker managed to drink his potion of undead control and command the foul creatures to do his bidding.

Exhausted and spent, the party headed back for Hommlet, a tad bit wiser and richer.

Elapsed game time: 22 days

A Time of Trials

The characters made their way back to the moat house, wiser and a bit more experienced after re-supplying themselves. They cautiously made their descent down the stairs leading to the underground portion of the moat house, where Kaleb Dunn drew the attention of two green slimes. After a bit of uncertainty of how to deal with the creatures, Bricker Longfellow lit a torch and Kaleb finally managed to douse the creatures with oil. Bricker promptly lit the oil and the two monstrosities met a fiery doom, but not before Kaleb’s sword and armor were ruined by the acid from the slimes. A return trip to Hommlet followed where Kaleb re-equipped himself.

It was mid-afternoon by the time the party returned to the moat house. They once again went down the stairs leading underground. After a bit of searching, a horde of zombies fell upon the party. Haek managed to shield-rush one of the fell abominations with much force. As the battle ensued, Bricker stumbled upon a valuable peridot which he hid away for a rainy day.

The exploring continued underground, and Bricker stumbled upon some fresh drops of blood on the floor. Aldoron Lumiere used his acute elven senses and discovered a hidden door in a pillar. The door led down into a dark shaft out of sight with iron rungs attached to the wall. After some discussion, the party descended down the shaft. Haek and Bricker found themselves in a tightly-enclosed space. Bricker found a secret door and opened it which attracted the attention of four ghouls on the other side. They rushed in a fit of hunger and anger. Bricker called upon Brandobaris and climbed back up into the dark shaft. One ghoul forced itself into the small chamber and struck Haek. The blow paralyzed him. Kaleb fell down on the ghoul, his blades leading the way, and dispatched the foul thing. Another ghoul struck Kaleb and he found himself also paralyzed. The ghouls reached through the small opening and began to drag Kaleb outside into the main room, intent on feeding. Bricker climbing down through the shaft, made his way into the main room, and began to defend Kaleb. Haek regained control of his limbs and rushed out. Aldoron climbed down into the small room and began attacking.

After dispatching the ghouls, the party searched the burial crypts, found the ghouls’ nest, and took off down the hallway. The party found a false door and opened it, which resulted in a huge portcullis slamming shut somewhere else in the dungeon. The portcullis cut off the main route back to the surface and alerted the denizens of the dungeons that company had arrived. A group of gnolls prepared for attack as the party entered their lair. After a pitched battle, the gnolls were defeated and looted.

The party then camped in a small alcove. During the night, sounds coming from the hallway woke the party. After a brief search for the cause of the unknown noise, the party headed off to explore more of the dungeon. A false door was discovered again and another portcullis fell somewhere in the dungeon, and a group of bugbears surprised the party as they were busy searching for loot and secret doors. A deadly battle ensued and the final two bugbears surrendered to the characters. One bugbear – Zook –promised to aid the party if his life was spared. He and his cohort, Oni , were forced to live in the moat house by the evil Master. After a brief discussion, Zook and Oni agreed to lead the Master and his guards to the characters so they could ambush them.

During the initial assault, the players quickly overwhelmed the guards and Bricker managed to keep the Master busy by disturbing his casting. In a fit of rage, the Master struck Bricker with his staff of striking, killing him instantly. Haek and Kaleb closed to avenge the death of their comrade, along with Zook and Oni.. The Master managed to get off a hold person spell which rendered those around him incapable of moving except for Oni. With deadly precision, Aldoron took aim with his bow and fired the killing shot on the Master.

The players looted the quarters of the Master and his guards, and with heavy backpacks, they headed back to Hommlet . Bricker was raised by the clergy in Hommlet for a considerable cost. The players promised to return to the moat house and get Zook and Oni for any future treasure-hunting endeavors.

Game Time Elapsed: 2 days

Welcome to Hommlet

The characters made their way to Hommlet . While enroute, they were attacked by 4 bandits that they defeated. One bandit had an interesting tattoo. After arriving at the village and securing a room for the night, the characters played an instrumental role in defeating a force of bugbears that had attacked the local moneychanger’s business.

The group learned that the strange tattoo that they had seen earlier was a symbol of the Temple of Elemental Evil from Melubb, the moneychanger. The next day Aldoron Lumiere went to the local heroes tower and tried to secure another copy of magic missle, which he failed to successfully copy into his spellbook.

The village had a council meeting later that evening and the village fathers decided to send a force to protect some outlying farms from further attacks while the player characters were asked to investigate a local moathouse that once served as an outpost for the Temple.

The following day at the moathouse, the party was attacked by 6 giant frog before they entered. Kaleb Dunn was pulled into the pool the frogs lived in and almost sank in the mud. After exploring much of the upper level of the moathouse, the party encountered a group of bandits that offered an organized resistence until Aldoron Lumiere sealed their fate with a well-placed enlarge spell on a ceiling made of collapsed debris. Bricker Longfellow was caught trying to “protect” a valuabe goblet which he surrendered to the party treasure pot. After exploring the top level of the moathouse and finding a staircase leading down to a lower level, the party returned to Hommlet where they split the treasure that they had obtained so far. Haek received a magic shield +1 that was obtained from the stomach of a gigantic lizard.

Game time elapsed: 3 days


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