News and Rumors of the Lost Lands


  • Consul Robert Tygart, elder brother of Prince Kadakithis, has been declared Dictator by the Etrusean Senate.
  • A case of the Red Scourge has broken out in Sanctuary’s Bazaar . 13 deaths occurred in one night. All of the bodies were burned. The Hell Hounds have quarantined the area. No one is allowed in or out. Clerics from Etrusea have been summoned, but no one expects a speedy response. Business, legal and otherwise, will surely suffer.
  • In Hommlet, longtime business and favorite watering hole of the famous and infamous alike, BRICKER’S blew up in a pressure cooker accident last night. No one knows if the old halfling lived, but jelly coated the entire west end of town. Longtime resident and farmer Old Man Drury was quoted as saying “Bah!!” and continued to flick hay.
  • Rumor has it that the wall protecting Sanctuary is in such poor condition, a small band of four or five zombies can get inside the perimeter easily.
  • A massive blizzard has covered up a portion of the Lost Lands. Draklafel received 20 inches of snowfall. It’s estimated the Cragspires received 8-10 feet in fresh snow pack. Light snows were seen as far south as Sanctuary, unheard of in over a century.
  • It is rumored that the Tower of the Elephant off Sanctuary’s Avenue of Temples has the largest gem ever seen in the Lost Lands. The few that have tried to steal the fabled jewel have never been heard from again. Whispered voices say the tower is protected by magic.
  • A lone skeletal horseman has been spotted riding along the south wall. His gray, gaunt steed has eyes that glow red and skulls hang around his saddle. The figure carries a partially broken lance that promises death to any foe caught in its path. Etrusea’s promises of sending more centurions to guard the wall around Sanctuary have yet to be filled. It’s seems Emperor Robert’s ears have fallen deaf to the pleas of his brother, Prince Kadakithis. Sanctuary’s city watch has been put on high alert to watch for any suspected attack. With an increase in patrols along Sanctuary’s wall, the law has had little opportunity to protect lives and property inside the city. Muggings, burglaries, and murders have been especially on the rise the last few days.
  • With no aid from Etrusea forthcoming, local officials contacted the supreme wizard, Lythrande, to put a ward around the Bazaar. It is hoped this ward will stop the spread of the Red Death and end the loss of life in Sanctuary.
  • A battle erupted at Sanctuary’s city wall last night. Several skeletons and zombies were put down in the fighting. This all but confirms that there is a breach somewhere in the main wall along the edge of the Sea of Dust.

Possibly in another related event, the residence of Yara, a longtime citizen of Sanctuary, collapsed. No survivors were found. Authorities are looking for any leads on possible culprits. A reward has been offered. Please see your local city watchman for details.

  • A minotaur sailor washed up into Sanctuary’s harbor on a homemade raft. He claimed that he had served on a pirate vessel. His ship had landed off the coast a mysterious island in the Dark Waters. His captain ordered the crew onto the island to look for fresh water and food and to bury their treasure, well over 50,000 gold coins. The crew spent the night on the island. After they fell asleep, they were attacked by a group of bugbears with red, glowing eyes. He was the only survivor. He ran for his ship, only to find it sunk by unknown forces. He constructed a raft and rode the sea’s natural currents into the harbor of Sanctuary.
  • Prince Kadakithis has issued a call for all able-bodied men and women in Sanctuary to help in repairing the South Wall. Craftsmen are in high demand, especially stonemasons and carpenters. Kittycat is paying premium wages for everyone interested in work. Men at arms and skilled adventurers are also well paid, but one must furnish their own gear and equipment. Any loot recovered can be kept, after the 10% adventurers’ tax is paid.
  • Economic turmoil has hit Sanctuary. Numerous refugees are fleeing the city to go northward. The threat of undead attacks has scared the local population terribly. Businesses are closing and wares are spoiling unsold in the Bazaar. Even One Thumb was heard saying, “This ain’t good” as he closed up the Vulgar Unicorn two hours early on a Fireday night.

News and Rumors of the Lost Lands

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