84mix fantasy01A place where legends are made!

It is a period of war, but this war is not between countries over borders or spats between kings. It is a war between the living and the dead. Waves of the living dead rush northward and throw themselves against the walls built by the Etruseans for self-defense. Strange diseases ravish the living. One disease, often referred to as The Plague or The Red Scourge for the bleeding from orifices it induces, leads to eventual death of the victim – only to have the victim rise among the undead. The number of deaths far out-strips the number of births each year. It is just a matter of time before the dead win the war.

Far to the North, superstitious and ignorant barbarian hordes descend upon the north wall of Etrusea, hell-bent on ravaging and plunder. It is said that the mysterious Cragspire Mountains hold riches and glory from times long past.

Far to the west, the Ruined Lands is all that is left of the once great elven civilization. The old capital city, Takhisis, looms forbiddingly over the surrounding area, eager to swallow up those foolish enough to enter it’s crumbling walls.

To the east, terrible flying lizards prey upon the unsuspecting with their deadly firey breaths. These gigantic monstrosities are served by a race of half-lizard/half-men with almost fanatical devotion.

Deep in the jungles of the Sunken Forest, a growing threat from the Yuan-ti capital of Sslithic reaches northward. Fueled by the mining of precious gems by their enslaved dwarves, the Yuan-ti plot the destruction of all men and the good-aligned races, either through cold steel or dark magic.

Grab your sword or spellbook, friend. You’re going to need them. Welcome to the Lost Lands.